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Too Much

Matt Simons

We happily collaborated a second time with Maspeth Music BV to produce Matt Simons’s new music video for his song “Too Much” from the same album Identity Crisis. 

The video was shot in New York, directed remotely by Tolga Yıldız with the help of our live-action co-director Can Mısırlıoğlu in New York. It was quite a bit of a challenge to shot this video during the pandemic, especially remotely. But with the help of technology and our great team in New York, we managed it successfully. 

The video was designed to represent the past 1,5 years of the pandemic where we all got stuck and lived isolated lives inside our own boxes. Shot by shot, the box gets filled with various elements, over dominating ourselves, which eventually feels ‘too much' for each of us. Towards the end of the video, the box gets opened allowing all the elements to fly up in the air, hoping for a fresh re-start as free as possible for the future.


Director: Tolga Yıldız

Creative Producer: Serin İnan

Production Coordinator: İpek Nurullahoğlu

Editor: Serin İnan

Art Direction, 3D: Tolga Yıldız

2D Animation: Gürkan Gürler


Green Screen Production Crew

Live-Action Co-Director: Can Mısırlıoğlu

Studio: Underhill Productions

Director of Photography: Tom Van Scoyoc @tomvanscoyoc

Production Coordinator: Melanie Rish-Ho @melanierishho

Gaffer: Jim Cole @jim_cole_

Makeup Artist: Marissa Haley @ris_haley

Production Manager: Cameron Cuchulainn @classicbadjournalism

Executive Producer: Dexter Brierley @debrierley

Executive Producer: Matthew Seger @mattseegs

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