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Identity Crisis

Matt Simons

We collaborated with Maspeth Music BV to produce a new music video for Matt Simons.

Working on Identity Crisis video was a very fun process mostly because the song is very catchy and so good.
We tried to visualize different identities a man can get by showing various visual artistic styles. Each style comes with its limitation and freedom. As we run through this life like a marathon runner we have to change or reinvent ourselves in order to adjust the current environment. Like the famous Heraclitus said: "The only thing that doesn't change is change itself."

While it is good to know what direction we are headed in, you can't get paralyzed due to impending change, nor can you change what you do today for a future problem or issue... 


Client: Maspeth Music BV

Director: Tolga Yıldız

Producer: Serin Inan

Production Coordinator: Ipek Nurullahoglu

Character Designer: Gürkan Gürler

Illustrator: Selin Tahtakılıç

Animation Director: Serin Inan

Animation: Gürkan Gürler, Tuncay Çetin

Art Direction/ Compositing: Tolga Yıldız

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