We proudly present the second part of our collaboration with Always and TED ‪#‎LikeAGirl‬ campaign! If you wanna know what exactly is the period have a look at the lesson!!

TED ve Always ‪#‎KizGibi‬ kampanyasına yaptığımız son filmimizi gurula sunarız. Regl hakkındaki bilinmeyenleri öğrenmek istiyorsanız dersimize bir göz atın!

Educator: Emma Bryce 
Animation: Kozmonot Animation Studio
Director: Tolga Yildiz and Serin Inan
Animator: Tuncay Çetin
Composer: Cem Mısırlıoğlu

Let’s Begin…
At this moment, three hundred million women across the planet are experiencing the same thing: a period. The monthly menstrual cycle that gives rise to the period is a reality that most women on Earth will go through in their lives. But why is this cycle so universal? And what makes it a cycle in the first place? Emma Bryce gives a primer on periods.




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