Spartacus was a slave -- one of millions taken from territories conquered by Rome to work the mines, till the fields or fight for a crowd’s entertainment. Imprisoned for deserting the Roman Army, he and other slaves fought their way free and started a rebellion. How did a slave become synonymous with freedom and courage? Fiona Radford delves into the life and legend of Spartacus.

Educator Fiona Radford

Director Serin Inan, Tolga Yildiz

Narrator Addison Anderson

Producer Serin Inan

Designer Ibrahim Hakkı Uslu

Illustrator Ibrahim Hakkı Uslu

Storyboard Artist Ibrahim Hakkı Uslu

Animator Gökhan Gürkan

Sound Designer Tolga Yildiz

Composer Tolga Yildiz

Content Producer Gerta Xhelo

Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal

Associate Producer Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Associate Editorial Producer Dan Kwartler

Fact-checker Francisco Diez




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