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Narcissus and Echo





One day, Echo was drifting through the woods and fell in love with a handsome young hunter named Narcissus. Cursed by Hera to only repeat the last words spoken by another, Echo was unable to converse with him and was soon cruelly rejected. Heartbroken, she died. Seeing this, the goddess Nemesis decided it was time for retribution. Iseult Gillespie details the myth of Narcissus's punishment.

Lesson by Iseult Gillespie
Directed by Serin Inan
Narrator: Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Composer and Sound Designer: Deniz Dogançay
Storyboard Artist: Gürkan Gürler
Art Director: Gürkan Gürler
Background Illustrator: Kübra Teber
Animators: Tuncay Çetin, Irem Usta
Compositors: Tolga Yıldız, Serin Inan
Executive Creative Director: Logan Smalley
Produced by: Gerta Xhelo, Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Editorial Director: Alex Rosenthal
Script Producer: Cella Wright

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