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Spartacus was a slave -- one of millions taken from territories conquered by Rome to work the mines, till the fields or fight for a crowd’s entertainment. Imprisoned for deserting the Roman Army, he and other slaves fought their way free and started a rebellion. How did a slave become synonymous with freedom and courage? Fiona Radford delves into the life and legend of Spartacus.

Educator: Fiona Radford
Director: Serin Inan, Tolga Yıldız
Narrator: Addison Anderson
Producer: Serin Inan
Designer: Ibrahim Hakkı Uslu
Illustrator: Ibrahim Hakkı Uslu
Storyboard Artist: Ibrahim Hakkı Uslu
Animator: Gökhan Gürkan
Sound Designer: Tolga Yıldız
Composer: Tolga Yıldız
Content Producer: Gerta Xhelo
Editorial Producer: Alex Rosenthal

Associate Producer: Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Associate Editorial Producer: Dan Kwartler
Fact-checker: Francisco Diez





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