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Misk Global Forum brings young leaders, creators, and thinkers together with established global innovators to explore, experience, and experiment with ways to meet the challenge of change.  

For the Misk Global Forum, we created 4 high-profile CG videos about Future Jobs, flavored with sci-fi tinges, grounded in today's realities and tomorrow's possibilities.


Tomorrow's Jobs include:


Asteroid Miner: As asteroid detection becomes more advanced, miners are deployed to terraform passing asteroids,
enabling us to harness the valuable minerals contained within.

National Conservationist: With ever-increasing globalization, this person scans places of national identity, digitally preserving them

SuperStructure Printer: As 3D printers allow us to build at a colossal scale, this person manages their operation during

Remote Robotic Surgeon: A doctor who provides healthcare to patients in rural locations through a 5G connected robot. 

Stay tuned for more Future Jobs...

Client: Misk Global Forum

Production: Kozmonot Animation Studio
Creative Director: Tolga Yıldız
Creative Producer: Serin Inan
CG Supervisor: Saman Khorram

Animation: Eyüphan Uslu

Additional Animation: Canberk Özden 

Modeling and Texturing: Elif Kaya

Rigging: Cüneyt Güçlü

User Interface Design and Animation: Ufuk Çelik

Rendering and Shading: Dolunay Bal 

Concept Drawings and Storyboards: Ibrahim Hakkı Uslu 

Music and SFX : Deniz Dogançay

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