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The biggest mistakes in mapmaking history


For thousands of years, people made both functional maps and what are known as cosmographies, illustrating the earth and its position in the cosmos, often including constellations, gods, and mythic locations. These maps were meant to depict the world's geography, but weren't necessarily useful for navigation and contained some glaring mistakes. Kayla Wolf shares mapmaking’s biggest blunders.


Lesson by Kayla Wolf
Directed by Serin Inan

Narrator: Alexandra Panzer

Composers: Cem Misirlioglu & David Coltun

Sound Designer: Cem Misirlioglu

Storyboard Artist: Gürkan Gürler
Art Director: Gürkan Gürler

Animators: Irem Usta, Gürkan Gürler

Compositor: Serin Inan

Executive Creative Director: Logan Smalley

Produced by: Gerta Xhelo, Bethany Cutmore-Scott

Editorial Director: Alex Rosenthal

Editorial Producer: Elizabeth Gox

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