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Benefits of Playing Sports

We are very proud to be part of Always and TED collaboration for the ‪#‎LIKEAGIRL‬ campaign. We hope this lesson boosts the importance of playing sports in teenage girls all around the world...

The victory of the underdog. The last-minute penalty shot that wins the tournament. The training montage. Many people love to glorify victory on the field, cheer for teams, and play sports. But should we be obsessed with sports? Are sports as good for us as we make them out to be, or are they just a fun and entertaining pastime? Leah Lagos and Jaspal Ricky Singh show what science has to say on the matter.

Educator: Leah Lagos
Educator: Jaspal Ricky Singh
Script Editor: Mia Nacamulli
Animation: Kozmonot Animation Studio
Director: Tolga Yıldız, Serin Inan
Animator: Tuncay Çetin
Composer: Cem Mısırlıoglu
Composer: Brooks Ball

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